#LitLush Twitter Chat

Join us for the #LitLush Twitter chat! We will be hosting regularly scheduled chats with set topics. Beverages in hand are optional, but encouraged!

Thanks to your help, we’ve set the official bi-weekly schedule for Thursdays at 9pm (Eastern)! Each chat will last for 45 minutes every other Thursday and will generally revolve around a designated topic. We will let the conversation take us wherever it may, but we’ll always start off with a specific idea in mind!

Follow us at @litlushes, and check out the hash tag #LitLush to join! We would LOVE to hear from you about chat topics! Comment below and let us know what you think we should chat about.

#LitLush Twitter Chat Schedule!

1/9/13: Retellings! All about retellings. Best, worst, favorites, retellings you wish were out there…

1/23/14: Books That Make You Cry Ugly Tears: The books we love to cry with.

2/6/14: Favorite animals/pets/creatures/monsters in books: The non-humans, so to speak.

2/20/14: Alllll by myyyysellfffff: When you’re the only person who dislikes a book. Why don’t others feel the same!?

3/6/14: Love Triangles. Yep. ‘Nuff said.

3/20/14: Best Friends in Books. Which characters make great BFFs?

4/3/14: Theme Songs For Books! Ever have a song you just KNOW goes with a certain book? Love making soundtracks? Oh yes.

4/17/14: Movie Adaptations: Best? Worst? Highly anticipated? Books you WISH would be adapated? Books you think should never have been adapted?

5/1/13: The Classics. Honest Opinions.

5/15/14: Celebrity (Literary) Baby Names: Weird/original/unique/favorite names in literature!

5/29/14: Authors Who Rock! Meeting authors in person, authors who interact with readers/bloggers, authors who offer advice, etc

6/5/14: The Most EPIC. BOOKS. EVERRRRR. Best endings, twists, turns, plots, characters — You name it! The books that blew you away.

Past chats: 

6/27/13: Summer Reads! Whatever this means to you… Whether that be summery-type books, anticipated summer releases, or planned books to finish this summer, we’ll be talking about it all!

7/11/13: Book Boyfriends + Literary Crushes! Let’s swoon together, shall we?
Recap posted 7/12/13

7/25/13: Books You Feel Like Everyone Else Has Read…. Except You. STILL haven’t read that book that you’ve been meaning to read for a year? Us too. Let’s talk about it!

8/8/13: All About Series: What’s your favorite series? What’s the deal with trilogies? How many books is too many?

8/22/13: Required Reading in High School: Let’s face it. High school kids nowadays get to read some pretty awesome YA books. What did you read in high school? What do you think high schoolers today should ABSOLUTELY read? What would be good for English class?

9/5/13: Kick Ass Chicks: Main characters, sidekicks, you name it. We’re talking about our favorite kick butt heroines!

9/26/13: Banned Books/Favorite Challenged Books. Banned Books Week is coming up! These books are somewhat controversial but that doesn’t stop us from loving them!

10/3/13: Favorite Books from Your Childhood. What did you read growing up?

10/17/13: Favorite secondary characters: They’re not the main focus, but we MAY love them even more than the MCs…

10/31/13: Scary books! Happy Halloween! What better time than now to talk about scary books?

11/14/13: Books You Wish Would Have Been Stand Alones: Remember that time you read an AWESOME book and then the rest of the series didn’t do it for you?

12/05/13: All About Villains! Come on. You know you like the villains sometimes.

12/19/13: Year End recap & first-ever Literary Lushes giveaway!


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