ARC Tours: Rules & Regs

Literary Lushes ARC Tours

Welcome to the ARC Tours portion of Literary Lushes! We would love to share our ARCs with you! Before you sign up for a tour, please make sure to read all the rules so we can keep our tours running smoothly!

So how do the tours work? It’s simple! We’ll throw out announcements a day or two before a book will be open for tour sign-ups so everyone can be in the know beforehand. At the designated time, that book will be available on a first come, first serve basis. The number of people approved for a tour will depend on the demand for the book as well as the publishing date.
Not familiar with what ARC tours are? It’s pretty easy! We have one physical copy of an ARC. We send it to one person and it gets passed on from person to person until everyone signed up for that tour has read it. Please keep in mind this is NOT a blog tour that usually features author interviews, giveaways, etc. Our ARC tours are merely a means to share one ARC with several people. Receive, read, and mail. That’s it!

Here are the rules and regulations to keep our tours running smoothly!*

  1. You must be a US resident. Sorry, but to keep the tours moving and keep shipping costs low, we are only opening Literary Lushes ARC Tours to US residents.
  2. Books are to be read within a week of receiving. If something comes up and you need more time, please notify us. We want this to be fun, but we do want to fit as many people as we can on the tours so we need to keep the book moving!
  3. We always require USPS tracking/delivery confirmation! As much as we trust you, we need to be able to keep tabs on the book when it’s in transit just in case anything goes wrong (*side eyes post office*). We also need to make sure books are mailed on time. If for some reason a book gets lost in the mail and you didn’t use tracking, there’s no way of us know it was the dang post office’s fault!
  4. We request that you write a review for the book. You may be receiving a book months before it’s published and wish to hold your review until closer to the pub date. That’s totally cool! We just ask that you write a review and that you’ll credit Literary Lushes as the source :) Have an issue with reviewing for any reason? Please let us know as soon as possible!

*We reserve the right to adapt these rules as we see fit.

The Stoplight System

Remember the stoplight system from second grade? Everyone started out in the green zone and then if you did something “bad” you got put into yellow. Do something again, you get put into red. Friends, the main reason we are starting this site is because we want to have fun, we don’t want to be strict, and we want to stay far away from any sort of drama. That being said, we do need people to be responsible for their actions, and if books are consistently not mailed on time, or get “lost,” and so one, we need some sort of accountability. In light of that, we have adopted the stoplight system!

Green Zone — You’re good! Request away! Everyone obviously starts out in the green zone and you have no restrictions or slaps on the wrist.
Yellow Zone — Oopsies. You can end up in the yellow zone for a few reasons… Not sending a book within two days of your mail date (there is some leeway if you give us notice but obviously we can’t let that slide all the time) or not using a tracking number (for real — it’s important!) are good examples of why you might end up in the yellow zone. If it was a fluke or a random incident, don’t worry — complete another tour without incidence and we move you back to the happy green zone! Yay! But if these happen multiple times… Dun dun dun……… the Red Zone!
Red Zone — Warning!! Honestly, we don’t want you to be in the red zone! But if we’re having issues with books getting mailed on time, lack of tracking, or if a book gets lost in the mail with no tracking number, the red zone it is. Depending on the infraction, this may affect your ability to request to be on a tour! Again, we understand that things happen, so you can always work your way back up to yellow and green!
The Blacklist Zone We REALLY don’t want to blacklist anyone from the tours, but if something serious happens…. We may have to. We will only blacklist someone if multiple books go missing, if we find any other serious offenses, or you end up WAY too many times in the red zone and clearly don’t care to abide by the rules.

Now, in second grade, all of this news was classic classroom gossip. Here at Literary Lushes, your secrets are safe with us! We’ll be keeping track of a book’s progress and travel on our own spreadsheets so we can assure that the tour is moving along swimmingly. We’ll know if an issue comes up at which point we’ll notify you via email and it will not be made public. If for some reason you’re ever unsure of your status, you can contact us, and we will happily let you know!

So those are all the pesky rules and regulations. We appreciate you taking the time to read through them and abiding by them all so that we can all have fun with the tours and keep them working efficiently! Now go forth and request!


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