About Literary Lushes

Welcome to Literary Lushes!

Who are we? Alyssa from Books Take You Places and Brittany from The Book Addict’s Guide. Hi!! Thanks for checking out Literary Lushes!

What is Literary Lushes? Literary Lushes is twofold: First is an ARC tour site. After our experience at BEA 2013, we decided that we wanted to be able to share these ARCs with our friends and fellow bloggers but we needed a fair way to do that. We got the idea to organize it into a more casual-type ARC tour site. If you’re not familiar with what ARC tours are, they’re really just a string of people passing along one book so multiple people can read it. It is not a blog tour. Secondly, Literary Lushes is a Twitter chat. We will be hosting bi-weeky Twitter chats on Thursdays at 9pm/8pm central, with the hashtag #LitLush to talk about anything and everything books — and preferably with a beverage in hand! Each chat will have a specific topic of focus to help keep us on track!

So how do the tours work? It’s simple! We’ll throw out announcements on Mondays with information about the upcoming galley(s) that will be available to request. On the following Wednesday, a post will go up which will allow you to request the title, each title will be available on a first come, first serve basis. While it is first come, first serve to be granted access to the title, to cut down on travel times, it will be location that determines your place on the tour. The number of people approved for a tour will depend on the popularity of the book as well as the publishing date. You’ll have a week to read the book and then pass along to the next person. Please read all the rules & regulations before requesting a book so that we can be sure to have a smooth tour. Thanks!

We’d also love for you to spread the word! Feel free to grab our button, located in our sidebar. We’re proud and honored to be displayed on your blogs!
(Literary Lushes banner and button are original artwork so while we encourage sharing, please do not modify without written consent. Thank you! <3)

Have any questions? Please let us know!


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