Literary Lushes is LIVE!!!

Welcome, welcome to the launch of LITERARY LUSHES!!!

Literary Lushes is a new website hosted by Alyssa of Books Take You Places and Brittany of The Book Addict’s Guide and we are here for YOU! We came home with suitcases and bags and car trunks full of books after BEA knowing that we were going to have a lot of ARCs that needed homes after ours. While we got to see some amazing blogger people at BEA, so many of our friends weren’t able to go so we sat here longing to share all the ARC glory with everyone… But didn’t know a fair way to do it. Enter Literary Lushes ARC Tours! We are organizing these ARC Tours with books from BEA, any other ARCs we receive, and any donations from you lovely bloggers out there!

The other half of Literary Lushes is a Twitter chat using the hashtag #LitLush! (Remember when we asked you those questions last week?) Thanks to all your input, we’ve put together a time and place (Okay… the place is Twitter) to host regular chats all about books, preferably with a beverage in hand 🙂 Each chat will have a general theme or idea for us to talk about and then we let the conversation take us where it may! Check out the upcoming schedule here and join us!

We will be posting our first title announcement later this morning around 11am EST! We know you want to get signed up for those ARC tours, so stay posted to learn more about which books we’ll be posting for sign-ups on Wednesday!


5 thoughts on “Literary Lushes is LIVE!!!

    • Thanks so much! 😀 And wow, that would be amazing! We are grateful for anything and we’re so glad you’re excited for this!!! (No secret… we are too! Haha)

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